Thank you for joining us at Xlerate Day Ottawa! And thank for taking our post-conference survey. Here is some of the gems we mined from the survey responses.

Of those who responded, 39% are in fundraising. Ninety-seven percent of respondents stayed for the whole day — that’s enthusiasm!

Xlerate Day met or exceeded expectations of 86% or those who took the survey. One of the comments was that it felt like the sessions were too short. We hear you! We do like shorter sessions: However, we are considering doing a longer ‘deep dive’ session at Xlerate Day Vancouver to accommodate topics that would benefit from in-depth examination.

Feedback on the venue was great with a notable exception: accessibility. Those who commented about this were absolutely right, and we will prioritize accessibility in venue selection for Vancouver.

Over half who responded said they didn’t/couldn’t attend the after-party. We hope to see you at the after-party next time! Those who did stay enjoyed it, including one enthusiastic comment about the drink selection.

When we asked an open-ended question on what people enjoyed, we received some great answers. Highlights include the speakers, the networking, and the niche of non-profit integrated marketing not addressed at other conference. One commenter said they enjoyed “hearing that we (non-profits) all have the same struggles.”

It’s heartening to know our challenges are not unique, since other people have probably faced and addressed them already; we just need to find the solution that works for our specific organization. We also received a suggestion to indicate the level of the session, like beginner/intermediate/advanced, which we plan to incorporate next time.
Thanks you so much for your feedback on Xlerate Day Ottawa! You made it a success and you’re making Xlerate Day Vancouver even better.