Pushing the Limits of Integrated Marketing

Join us for a conference experience unlike the rest — the first-ever Canadian conference dedicated to integrated fundraising, marketing and campaigning for nonprofits and charities.

September 28, 2017
Vancouver, Canada // Unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples

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About Xlerate

We’re building the conference of our dreams! Xlerate is an experience carefully curated by nonprofit marketers, fundraisers and agency professionals who are committed to advancing integrated marketing for nonprofits and charities. Join us for a relaxed day with other nonprofit leaders, designed to inspire your creativity and promote conversation and learning.

We are planning two Xlerate events in 2018. First we’re heading back to Ottawa in April with Xlerate AM, a half-day of learning and conversation. Then in the fall we take Xlerate Day to Toronto for the full-day integrated marketing conference. Xlerate AM tickets are on sale now!



We have a great lineup of speakers for Xlerate AM! These fundraisers, marketers and non-profit experts will show us the way.

Chris Carter

Chris Carter

President | Chris Carter Marketing



Ryann Miller

Ryann Miller

Director of Nonprofit Services | Care2



Xlerate features 4 session tracks – spend your time in one or float to many for a well-rounded integrated marketing educational experience.


Learn to build and retain your integrated marketing team of the future.


Dissect successful integrated campaigns and learn new trends in social and experiential marketing.


Explore CRM as a key marketing function and geek out on the data the drives successful marketing campaigns.


Understand what makes an integrated advocacy and fundraising campaign work so beautifully together.


Innovative partnerships bring value to the Xlerate experience. Thank you to our sponsors who were bold and imaginative enough to take a chance on a new idea. If you are interested in partnering with Xlerate, please contact us.