July 12, 2016


A Note on Speakers:

Xlerate Day’s speaker application window is closed! Thank you for your interest. But we have something more to say on the matter:

We at Xlerate know that the social (nonprofit) sector is phenomenal. We also know we can do better. Conferences are places where we can take tangible steps  to move our sector towards real equity, real acknowledgement, real awareness and real progress. We’re focused on doing that in our tracks and sessions, and we’re doing that with our speaker selection.

Xlerate Day Toronto’s speaker lineup will be leading experts in their fields; they will also reflect our country’s and our city’s amazing diversity. And that, we know, is our real strength. (We’re Torontonians; it’s literally our city’s motto).

So here is our commitment to you and to our sector: Xlerate as a brand and Xlerate Day conferences are doing and will continue to do what we can to move our sector towards real equity, real acknowledgement, real engagement and real progress. We will do that by: 1, aiming to have a speaker lineup that is diverse in gender, racial affiliation, physical ability, age and sexual orientation; 2, always acknowledging the Indigenous territory and land where we’re active, and further by building awareness and doing knowledge-sharing around what we as a sector can do regarding Indigenous reconciliation and decolonization; and 3, lastly, by making every effort to ensure every session’s speaker lineup includes diverse representation. If you think we are missing something or could do better, please let us know. We’re holding ourselves to an exciting new standard, but we’re learning as we go, and none of us is even close to perfect.


Innovative partnerships bring value to the Xlerate experience. Thank you to our sponsors who were bold and imaginative enough to take a chance on a new idea. If you are interested in partnering with Xlerate, please contact us.