July 27, 2016


The Xlerate Story

For fundraisers and nonprofit marketers, there is a glaring gap in the conference marketplace. Many conferences exist, but none focused on marketing in a multichannel age.

We decided to do something about it.
Xlerate is a coalition of nonprofit marketers, fundraisers and agency professionals who are committed to advancing integrated marketing for nonprofits and charities. Enabled through the strength and value of our coalition of members and partners, we provide a hub for networking, discussing best practices, and sharing information and resources to advance leadership in integrated marketing.

Our mission is simple.
We want to inspire and educate new leaders in integrated marketing for the nonprofit sector by creating community spaces for conversation, innovation and learning.

Our conference experience will be like no other.
We’re building the conference we always wish we could attend. Our first community event will happen on November 3rd, 2016 in Ottawa, and we are planning a second event in Vancouver in early March. Our vision is to host events across Canada, and eventually North America.

  • Community-focused conferences
  • Carefully curated educational experiences
  • Affordable professional development
  • Fun, relaxed atmosphere that inspires creativity
  • Unique networking opportunities

Xlerate Day features 4 session tracksLeadership, Tactical, Data and Campaigning– focused on the latest trends, best practices and actionable insights.

Really, we want to push limits.

  • We push limits of people’s thinking by creating innovative spaces to learn, create and share. We push limits of what’s possible for marketing success through integration.
  • We push limits of what nonprofits can do with lean resources and budgets.
  • We push limits through innovative partnerships that benefit the sector.

Planning Committee
Our planning committee members make Xlerate Day possible. Thank you for your vision, commitment, passion and leadership.


Innovative partnerships bring value to the Xlerate experience. Thank you to our sponsors who were bold and imaginative enough to take a chance on a new idea. If you are interested in partnering with Xlerate, please contact us.